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Informative outline - 1 Introduction 1 One of the first...

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1. Introduction 1. One of the first questions you ask when getting to know someone better, well for me is, “What do you like in the other gender?” With guys, it’s always something to do with a girl’s assets, and with a girl, maybe something about a face or body structure. Regardless, we all have something in our minds that we directly correlate to being “attractive.” Someone once said that you don’t get to choose, you just fall, but is that really true? Are we already subconsciously wired to know who we fall in love with, or do we have free will over our love lives. Scientists all over the world do believe that you don’t have complete control over who you love, and I’m going to pinpoint this with three senses: seeing, smelling, and hearing. 2. Body 1. Curves 1. What do these women have in common? They are all known for their curves. 1. Carrie Johnson, a scientist at UCLA tries to find which body shape is most attractive: she found that “that particular body shape signified healthy and fertility”. Curves show a woman has gone through puberty, and is ready to procreate 2. Men have been known to like women with waists a seventh of their hips, and even prefer the extreme fifth of a waist 2. Movement: She also found that movement has a major role in whether the other gender is attractive or not. She conducted a study where she told half they were being filmed, and the other half, she told them nothing.
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Informative outline - 1 Introduction 1 One of the first...

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