2selfevaluatin - Pham Kaitlin Pham 13 March 2011 Erma...

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Pham Kaitlin Pham 13 March 2011 Erma Stauffer COMS 102 Self Evaluation of Persuasive Speech Before entering this class, I had no clue about how to speak, and watching the transition from the second and last individual speeches leaves me in awe. I have watched both of my videos numerous times, and I am pleased to say that I have improved in most areas of my speech giving abilities. However, there are a few things that I must improve on which would have made my speech much better, more specifically with fillers. I chose my topic because it seemed the most controversial, and I could easily relate to it with my own past experiences. I also put the audience interest into consideration, and I made sure that it was appropriate and could appeal to them. It was indeed specific and relevant to my own life as well as those in the class. Although it is a broad subject to discuss, I tried to split up the material into three specific areas: history, myths, and rules. I thought these would give the speech an element of ease, allowing the audience to follow along easier. I made sure to cater my speech towards the concerns and feelings of college students, who in the future would potentially run into the dilemma of punishing children. I covered all the basics of corporal punishment to fully engage and inform the class about the rules and myths about physical discipline to ensure a safe and simple conclusion. I spoke to the class in a more conversational tone.
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2selfevaluatin - Pham Kaitlin Pham 13 March 2011 Erma...

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