Verbal and Nonverbal Exercise

Verbal and Nonverbal Exercise - Verbal and Nonverbal...

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Verbal and Nonverbal Exercise 5 pts Answers do not have to be in complete sentences and may be typed or hand-written clearly. Use the notes on verbal and nonverbal communication under Course Materials on Blackboard to help you. Please spend at least an hour observing communication going on around you and answer the following questions. A good way to do this is to find a busy place, put in your earphones, don’t turn on any sound and spy on people. No one will know that you are watching. I suggest choosing a couple of different places to see how the communication is different in different settings. You may find interesting situations that occur in your daily life. Your answers do not have to be complete sentences, but please give me some interesting observations. What are the colloquialisms you hear the most? Avenue o “Hey, what’s up” “How are you doing today” “See you later, man.” “How’s your day been?” In class o “Hi, how are you” “How was your weekend” o Much more formal List the most common slang you hear. Is there a difference between men and women and how they use slang? Anything else you noted about slang? General o Someone described shoes as “sick” o “Hella” is a common word, especially since a lot of students are from the Bay Area o “Gnarley” was least heard, but I heard a few slips of the word Men o Bro, man, dude, breh, o “Bro”/”Breh” was the common word to describe a close male friend o “Man” is another one, more generic o “Dude” is always used, usually tryikng to catch someone’s attention
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Verbal and Nonverbal Exercise - Verbal and Nonverbal...

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