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Winter 2011 Take Home Test 2

Winter 2011 Take Home Test 2 - Pham 1 Kaitlin Pham Erma...

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Pham 1 Kaitlin Pham Erma Stauffer COMS 102 9 January 2011 Take Home Test #2-Coms 102 Winter 2011 Please type the answers in full sentences and use your own words in your answers . While you may change your topic for your informative speech, you will save a lot of time and energy if you think about your choice carefully now and get a head start on your speech as you work through this exam. This will also give me an opportunity to react to your choices and help you identify problems. For your informative speeches, remember to make your topic informative and not persuasive. If you have any questions about the difference, read about each kind of speech in your text and the description of the two assignments in the supplement. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have. Remember the more you connect to your topic, the more you will be motivated to connect the information to your audience, and that will make for a better speech. For this speech you are required to use a presentation aid. If you choose to use PowerPoint, please practice your set up in the classroom to make sure that you know what to do and what you need to set up efficiently. Also, remember that when using PowerPoint, images are much better than words and often, less is more. 1. Carefully read the assignment for the informative speeches in the supplement. Write down a good topic for your informative speech. Now write a purpose statement for it and show how the statement has the three characteristics of a good purpose statement, as defined by the authors of your text. The Science of Sex Appeal I want the audience to understand the physical and chemical proponents in finding a mate in the other sex. o Specificity: it narrows down not only about how to find a mate, but going deeper into the deeper aspects of it. o Achievability: although this could be a rather broad topic, I plan on going through at most 3 senses (scent, sight, and hearing) o Relevance: The audience is a room of young adults, who I am sure will find a speech about attracting the opposite sex quite intriguing. 2. Read Section 24 in the textbook and the hint sheet on page 9 in the pink supplement. Explain what you will use as your presentation aid(s) and how you will use it/them effectively. I am going to use either a PowerPoint Presentation, or a poster of images that would further demonstrate my points. For example, I can use an image of the ideal body types for a woman and man, a silhouette of a curvy woman, and a man with broad shoulders.
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Pham 2 3. Read about mind-mapping in Section 13a. Take a sheet of paper and do some mind mapping for your informative speech. Include this sheet with your answers. 4. Take a look at the organizational patterns in Section 13c. Choose one for your
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Winter 2011 Take Home Test 2 - Pham 1 Kaitlin Pham Erma...

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