German Unification

German Unification - 1 A German Sonderweg(special path/way...

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1. A German Sonderweg (“special path/way”)? 1. Germany is weird, not like other countries, they followed unique and odd path to Unification. They also modernized itself strange/unusual/different 1. Occurred when the tradition aristocracy gradually fell from power and replaced by the modern ruling. 1. The traditional aristocrats lost authority in parliament and replaced by modern “voigiazee?” but Germany did not follow that at all 2. However, in Germany, the aristocratic ruling class retained its influence and ruling power into the 1970s 3. They industrialized in the 19 th century and see an increase in National economic wealth, and that modern industrial class emerged, grow, and got more powerful. The aristocrats were still there 1. A class alliance between the aristocracy and the new modern voigiazee… 4. Sonderweg assumes that Britain is normal and other countries should grow in that guideline. However, critics argue that every nation follows a special path and no two are the same. 1. There is no single normal path to development 5. Started early, talked about the unified German nation. 6. Pg 160 around time of Napoleonic wars, when armies were rampaging across Europe and gave attention to the response of the German people to the onslaught of the armies. The people living in the Germanic states reacted against the invasion and regarded the incursion of Napoleonic
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German Unification - 1 A German Sonderweg(special path/way...

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