Industrialization - 1. Interpreting Industrialization 1....

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1. Interpreting Industrialization 1. Revolution or Evolution? 1. Major economic transformation—industrialized 2. Revolution-18 th and 19 th had changed 1. New technologies, inventing the process of inventing things (period features the invention of invention, time when Europeans come up with how to come up with new ideas and products-- thought process that allows them to continue them to develop more things) 2. Cumulative affect, self sustaining process, each new innovation leads in to the next one 3. Evolution-not radically different from what Europeans have been doing 1. They have been manufacturing things for hundreds of years prior to 19 th century. Before that, they had rudimentary systems 1. Cottage industries- the peasants would spend their spare time doing basic manufacturing jobs this happened before the 19 th century! 2. Gradual long term process where they fine tune and make improvements. There is no sudden dramatic break with the past 3. The older economic systems never went away and always stayed in place 4. Manchester-modern mass production originally happened 2. Why Britain? 1. Pg 125 Edward Banes “not less important…good water…great abundance of coal…steam engine” the steam engine is the major mechanism for the production of energy 2. Promotion of industry was aided by the British Parliament 1. Respect for private property rights pg 125 middle column “personal industry and property… capital has been accumulated by safety” 2. Labor force from country side allowed a labor force for the industrial 3. Need to transport materials 1. 18/19 th most effective form of transportation was water transport—gave British an advantage 4. International water transportation, as well as an internal network transport--canals
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Industrialization - 1. Interpreting Industrialization 1....

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