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Pham Kaitlin Pham Dr. Lewis Call Western Civilization: Reformation to the Present 19 April 2011 The Protestant Reformation: An Eternal Change for the Better Major French philosopher Henri Bergson once stated that, “To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly” ( This state of mind has been present in history for centuries, and as Bergson eloquently stated it in a manner that most cannot, in order for humans to exist, they must change, mature, and continually recreate themselves. Small changes introduce a spectrum full of radical effects, new ideas induce revolutions, and actions remain in history books for generations. Similarly, the Protestant Reformation brought on an entire chain of events that continue to affect the current generation. In the early sixteenth century, the papacy offered indulgences to those who gave alms. The Christian Church allowed priests to buy and sell Church offices, in addition to allowing commoners to buy penance. A few men opposed these acts and brought newer ideas to combat the Roman Church. These small shifts on beliefs were major components in western history that gave people the power to believe, depend, and act on their own accords. This is shown remarkably well throughout the Scientific Revolution and can be observed through the new individualistic attitude, openness to new ideas, and ability to test innovative theories that developed. The first radical change occurred with Martin Luther in the early sixteenth century. His background as a theology professor at the University of Wittenburg in Germany provided the foundation of his opposition towards the “rationalistic, scholastic theology” (Perry 14). Luther
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Pham was determined to reform the morals of the Christian Church as well as put an end to the abusive practices. His intense disapproval for the Roman Church’s practices led to the publication,
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Paper - Pham Kaitlin Pham Dr Lewis Call Western...

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