Race and Nation

Race and Nation - 1. Phrenology 1. Scientific field by...

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1. Phrenology 1. Scientific field by Franz Gall—study and measurement of human skull types. If you measure the various skull types, you can figure out something about the intellectual powers of the human being. This is regarded as a pseudoscience, but in the 19 th century, people took this seriously and thought if you measured and studied the size of the human skull, you can measure someone’s intelligence 1. Dangers-classify groups of human beings—create hierarchy; create divisions in groups of human beings. Produces problematic way of looking at humans at groups of human beings 2. Eugenics 1. Sir Francis Galton-English scientist and cousin of Darwin 1. Racial divisions in human species coming up with a racial hierarchy to rate development of human beings. The very bottom located the traditional tribal societies—aborigines. The top were the English—political argument in discourse, to establish and defend superiority of Europeans (English) 1. Believed it was possible and legitimate for humans to take an active hand in their process of evolutionary development 2. Advocated selective breeding—humans can and should pay attention to their reproductive process. Humans should choose mates carefully and with a deliberate agenda 1. Humans would be able to take control of their process of natural development 2. Breed superior form of human being 2. Nazi Germany 3. Racial Hygiene and the “Problem” of Miscegination 1. Important European intellectuals talked about racial hygiene (Arthur de Gobineau) 2. Idea that each race of humanity supposedly had to protect its purity; better off if I t can maintain it purity opposed to intermingling with other racial groups. 1.
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Race and Nation - 1. Phrenology 1. Scientific field by...

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