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1. Mikhail Gorbachev’s Reforms 1. No economic growth, and even shrinking in some cases. Similar problems erupted in all of communist societies (Poland, Czechoslovakia) Communist economic planning stalled out in mid 20 th century. Can’t expand if they stuck to communist model of state standing 2. Pg 474 Hobble? A Czech playwright in Czechoslovakia and was a dedicated anti-Communist activist and protested Communism and helped Czechs have a resistance movement in that regime. 1 ST COLLUMN HALF “our country is not flourishing…things that we need” 2. Economic Reform: Perestroika (“Restructuring”) 1. Said something about ambition, restructuring entire Communist economic system 2. 469 own statement about this reform first column “the essence…economic methods” move away from centralized state planning, the old way of running economy. Gesture towards the direction of the free market and opening up soviet economic system to allow market forces to operate in the soviet union. Has to cautious that even though he wanted to introduce elements of free market capitalism, he did not want to abolish communism. The soviet gov’t would maintain ownership over crucial industries (banking and financial, heavy industry—steel) same industries that communists always wanted to control over 20 th century 1. Lenin referred to those industries as the commanding heights of the economy and it is imperative to have direct control over those industries. 3. Wanted to introduce a few free market elements 1. Provide jobs for soviet citizens, but it also allowed people to take on additional jobs in the private sector if they wanted to do so. The state provided jobs were poorly paid with low prestige with long hours and shit conditions 2. Allowed people to open own private businesses—small scale. Gave people change to experiement with capitalist style entrepreneurship. If profitable, they were able to keep those profits. 4. HAS BEEN DONE BEFORE—reminiscent of the program Lenin put into effective in the 1920’s. create a hybrid economy where the major resources are state owned and citizens are able to have freee market opportunities. 1.
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Soveit Collapse - 1. Mikhail Gorbachevs Reforms 1. No...

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