The Cold War

The Cold War - 1. Origins of the Cold war 1. George Orwell...

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1. Origins of the Cold war 1. George Orwell titled it the Cold War. Illustrates the conflict is different from previous ones—the idea that this war was not fought openly, directly between the two opposing parties. Fought indirectly using third parties and the US and Soviets fought proxy wars (find some third nation and get involved in a conflict in that part of the world. Can advance perspective political agendas) 2. Started before WWII was complete.—cold war tensions emerged before WWII was concluded 2. End of World War Two 1. 1945, clear to everyone that WWII was nearing the end. The leaders of the three major Allied powers in WWII held a series of diplomatic conferences what the post war world was going to look like. WWII was so disruptive—strong desire to figure out how they were going to put world back together again and who would be in charge of the “new world order” 1. Winston Churchill 2. Franklin Roosevelt 3. Joseph Stalin 4. Held first conference in Yalta. The only things the western powers had in common with Soviets were the common enemy of Nazi Germany. Once that was gone, they have no basis and tensions began to emerge. They talked about the status of eastern Europe and figure out the fate of Eastern European countries would be. By 1945, Stalin’s armies were pushing deep into the west “liberating” territory from Nazi occupation—but what happens after the Red army eliminates Nazi occupation. .? 5. Reached a compromise—Brits and Americans agreed that Poland is good to have Stalin to have influence there and Stalin agreed to have free and fair elections to take place in Poland. Stalin told them what they wanted to hear (democracy, idea that eastern European countries to have elections.) 2. Potsdam 1945: Stalin is the only one who had been present both meetings, the other two were replaced. New government in Britain under Atlee; Roosevelt passed away and Truman assumed presidency. Stalin is the only one who was present throughout the whole process, and the other two did not know how to deal with Stalin 1. What is going to happen to Germany after the war? A lot of people thought German aggression was responsible for the beginning of WWII and a lot were upset at Germans and there was a desire to weaken Germany. It location was prime and automatically was in the frontline—stood between the Communists in the east and democratic in the west. Wanted to weaken Germany and have the allies
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The Cold War - 1. Origins of the Cold war 1. George Orwell...

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