WWII - 1. The Failure of Appeasement 1. Able to pin war on...

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1. The Failure of Appeasement 1. Able to pin war on Nazi Germany, but there are other reasons—actions of Nazi Germany, as well as the actions and policies of Western European powers. 1. Came into effect because the political leaders of Britain and France were determined to avoid a second WW. People who promoted remembered the Great War and how destructive it was and that it wiped out a whole generation of their citizens—took a number of steps to prevent a war. 1. Every time Hitler made a demand, the British and French would get into that demand—try and appease Hitler by giving him whatever he demanded. 1. Why are historians so skeptical/a massive failure? 1. Want to negotiate from a place of strength—giving into demands, they demonstrated the weakness of their nations and Hitler took advantage. 2. What is the exit strategy? What happens when stop giving into demands? There is no easy way to bring appeasement to an end 2. First demands: Austria to join with Germany. 1. Austria was Hitler’s original homeland. He recognized there were other Germans living in Austria (those who spoke the language, and practiced the culture). He wanted to turn that cultural connection into a political one.) Create greater and more powerful German nation-state 1. Didn’t want oppostion from western powers and sent officers to French and Britain 1. “would have to come about at some time” Go for it, we don’t care 2. 1938-armies of Nazi Germany into Austria and take over country without opposition, and vast majority supported this takeover. Unification is known as the AnschulB 2. Looked at Czechoslovakia—interesting because there are a lot of Germans there. The border had people with cultural ties to Germany and deserved to participate in German nation 1. Got diplomatic reassurances and had diplomatic conferences in Munich—some of the highest level
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WWII - 1. The Failure of Appeasement 1. Able to pin war on...

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