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Goblin Market - Laura’s virginity and continually keeping...

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Kaitlin Pham Professor David Hennessee English 231-01 26 October 2011 The Goblin Market analysis Where do you see sexual connotations in the poem? “Come buy our Orchard Fruits”, “bowed her head”, “veiled her blushes”, “clasping arms and cautioning lips/ with tingling cheeks and finger-tips”, “pricking up her golden head”, “she thrust a dimpled finger”, “stretched her gleaming neck”, “the cat-faced purr’d”, “then sucked their fruit globes fair or red”, “held her hands and squeezed their fruits/Against her mouth to make her eat”, “juice that syruped all her face”, “suck my juices” What do the fruit and eating the fruit represent? Their virtue, selling away their virginity Why are the goblins described as like animals? Animals have a sort of primitive sense about them, and having the goblins taking
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Unformatted text preview: Laura’s virginity and continually keeping her desire for their “fruits” alive shows how they have no regard for her well-being. The goblin’s main motive is to keep Laura craving more until they are done with her. Why/how do you think Laura is redeemed? • Lizzie showed her sister her virtue especially since she went through great lengths to keep it. The presence of such strong virtue transferred from Lizzie to Laura. Who does Rossetti blame for the problem of the fallen woman? Men? Women? Society? • Rossetti blames Women for not being strong enough to resist the exploits of sex; men for having no regard towards the well being of women; and society for not educating nor building a resistance towards preserving the virtues of women....
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