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Quiz 2 SG - Names and functions of the layers (mucosa,...

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Names and functions of the layers (mucosa, villi, etc.) of the GI tract. o Mucosa-innermost layer, lined with epithelial cells and glands. Not smooth and has tiny fingerlike structures that project into the GI tract called the lumen (hallow area) and trap nutrients o Submucosa-loose connective tissue, glands, blood vessels, and nerves. Carry substances (nutrients) to and from the GI tract. Contains blood vessels carrying nutrients; most absorption occurs—allows things to be transported across it o Muscle-double layers: Inner layer is a Circular smooth Muscle that encircles the tube; Outer Longitudinal Muscle run up and down the tube to move food forward the GI tract. o Serosa-Outside layer that protects the tract; secretes liquid that helps brush organs against each other, lubricant allows it to occur o Villi-Goblet cells make mucus, endocrine cells produce hormones o Absorption-enterocytes produce enzymes, contains a brush border covered with glycocalyx which contain the digestive enzymes Names and functions of the sphincters of the GI tract. Sphincters- ring like muscles that open and close like valves to control the flow of the contents. Prevent food from moving through the GI tract too quickly and be mixed thoroughly with digestive system secretions o Lower esophageal sphincter-prevent backflow of stomach contents into the esophagus o Pyloric sphincter-control the flow of stomach contents into the small intestine o Sphincter of Oddi-control the flow of bile from common bile duct into the small intestine; slows GI motility to give digestive enzymes from the small intestine and pancreas enough
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Quiz 2 SG - Names and functions of the layers (mucosa,...

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