Study guide for just 6 7 and 9

Study guide for just 6 7 and 9 - FSN 210 Nutrition - Study...

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FSN 210 Nutrition - Study Guide for Lipids, Proteins, Metabolism These questions are taken from other study guides (either midterms or final exams) so they are in more depth than the upcoming quiz on Chapters 6 Lipids, 7 Protein, and 9 Metabolism. Chapter 6: Lipids and Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) 1. What’s the difference between saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids (as far as hydrogens and double-bonds)? Saturated Fats: no double bonds Monounsaturated: one double bond; polyunsaturated: many double bonds 2. What’s the difference between cis and trans fatty acids? Cis has a bent carbon chain (H on same side), trans has a straight one (H on opposite sides) Adding hydrogen to make unsaturated fat more saturated yields a more trans fatty structure 3. Know the functions of body fat. What are the essential fatty acids? Are they omega-3 or omega- 6? What types of foods are good sources of each? Triglycerides provide energy (9 kcals), provide compact energy source (storage functions), and insulate and protect the body Essential fatty acids regulate cell division and substances coming in and out of cells, transport oxygen, maintain normal kidneys, direct hormones, regulate ovulation, temperature, and the immune system o If double bond is after the third carbon from the methyl end, it is omega-3. If it is after the sixth, it is omega-6. Omega 3: alpha-linoleic acid
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Study guide for just 6 7 and 9 - FSN 210 Nutrition - Study...

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