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Know details about allosaur eggs that reveal their nesting habits Found a lot of eggs—tiny bones of embryonic bones preserved in the eggs Can see the entire skeleton Therefore, there must have been a nest. There were holes in the shell for the embryo to breath where eggs were buried packed together in an underground nest. Animals do the same thing (crocodiles-scaly skin and sharp teeth). o Big al was more like a bird than a crocodile-a mix of a bird and croc. Did it feed himself (croc.) or wait like bird In eggs, it had teeth (born with) and able to chew and eat soft meat Know the evidence that very young allosaurs were able to hunt small animals, but unable to shred meat. Too small to rip chunks, but can fend for themselves (insets) at early age TEETH! Bird vs. croc: birds take take and pick out food—selectively. Alligator will strike at anything it sees (they don’t care what it is, opportunity eaters)
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Unformatted text preview: Know structural details and similarities to modern animals of the following; also know the implications of the structural details and similarities to modern animals of the following: • allosaur bones and bone structure o make thin sections and compare to crocs and birds o Birds: al grew quickly like bird o Born like croc—grew full size in 6-8 years o Had al ot of broken bones, received numerous injuries • allosaur brains: bird brain has large region for processing info, and small region to sensory input (smells). Croc is similar, sensory info and goes to region for small to process info—therefore it strikes at what smells right. Very similar to allosaur because brains resemble each other therefore so do behavior • dinosaur hearts: heart similar to alligator. High energy animals....
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