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What is the plate-tectonic setting of Mt. Pinatubo? Subduction zone How did volcanologists and geophysicists determine that earthquakes near Mt. Pinatubo were caused neither by the volcano “letting off steam” nor tectonic forces? Measure the amount of SO2 is coming from the volcano—if there is going to be an eruption, there is numerous amounts of SO2 coming out It had to be magma rising up from the volcano Relatively deep earthquakes What evidence indicates that when Mt. Pinatubo erupts, the eruptions are relatively large? High SO2, see what it has done in the past o Heavily eroded volcanic ash reached miles around the volcano showing that if it explodes, it will be a huge explosion Look at trees, radiocarbon dating, and saw that it only erupted 4-5 times in the past 10, 000 years. It would erupt violently o Pyroclastic flow deposits were huge (in the trees) Similar to Mt. Katmai, Alaska
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Unformatted text preview: What was worrisome about the spatial pattern of earthquakes below Mt. Pinatubo? • Because it only erupted a few times the explosions that usually follow are huge explosions • Location of volcano was spread apart by kilometers (5), a big footprint. • Wide distribution of earthquakes determinted a lot of magma under Mt. Pinatubo What is a lahar, and why are lahar a potential hazard after a large eruption of pyroclastic ejecta? • Hot mud flow that is added by rainfall • On composite volcanoes that erupted recently there is an abundant supply of unconsolidated sediments on steep slopes If a volcano is showing signs of imminent eruption, why is a sudden decrease in gaseous emissions worrisome? • System no degassing, an explosion may occur soon • When pressure builds up, gasses are trapped and when it gets too much it explodes...
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