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Unformatted text preview: • Atoms: smallest, indivisible part of an element o Cation-positively charged atom (missing an electron) o Anion- negatively charged atom (extra electron) • Mineral: a naturally occurring “inorganic” solid that has a specific elemental composition and a specific 3 dimensional structure o Not synthetic or made by humans • Rock: a aggregate of minerals • Mineralogy: molecular structure that can be seen without magnification • Quartz breaks in a conchoidal fracture • Graphite and diamonds are made of the same elements (carbon) but in a different structure that makes one harder than the other. o Diamond is bonded by covalent bonds • Pyro-fire • Clastic-fragments • Viscous-runny vs. not runny o Silica tetrahedral make something viscous or not viscous o They exist in magma even if it is liquid Ex: cookies—more solid ingredients make it harder to stir. They make it more viscous • Magma has a different level of volatiles o When lava is rising up, pressure increases and gas bubbles absolve (forms) and it escapes freely to form a...
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