The problem with Dorfman Pacific

The problem with Dorfman Pacific - The problem with Dorfman...

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The problem with Dorfman Pacific’s current order fulfillment process is that all orders are filled manually with all paper order forms and inventory lists. When a customer places a particular order a picker must take the paper order throughout the warehouse filling the order one item at a time with no particular process in place to expedite the order. Once the company started filling order from places like Wal-Mart and J.C. Penney’s, it was vital to get a wireless system in place to help streamline the order filling process. A wireless, paperless system could help expedite orders in a fraction of the time as well as save hundreds of thousands of dollars in time, employee wages, and the overall process time. To keep up with the large orders from these hugs chain department stores, a new, streamlined system must be implemented, as well as training for employees to be able to use the system efficiently and effectively. Implementing a wireless system that will work throughout the 275,000 square feet warehouse
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