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Implicit Association Test - just by the way the person...

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Implicit Association Test I took the Skin-tone IAT. The results of my test were light skin- dark skin. Strong 27%, moderate 27% and slight 16%. I believe that the test didn’t produce valid results for me. I don’t care what the color a person’s skin is; it is what is on the inside that counts. We could all be the same color on the outside, but all of us have a difference in opinion and a way of thinking on the inside. I don’t think some kind of test is going to tell; certain people that they like light skin, compare to dark skin. Yes it is difficult to accurately measure prejudice. How can you measure prejudice, even before meeting someone, or having any knowledge about how they are? It is just like seeing someone for the first time and saying that person is bad or good. You don’t know that
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Unformatted text preview: just by the way the person looks, or talks, or what clothes they are wearing. How does a computer tell you any of that stuff? Other than the IAT test there is the Bogardus Social Distant Scale. This is a psychological testing scale to measure ones willingness to partake in social contacts. Social distance test is for telling the distance between different groups. Maybe they can hire some people, have them do interviews all around the world. Still I would not think any of the information was right. People don’t always tell the truth, even today. I thought that the test was interesting, and a little fun, in a good way....
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