Jeff Ice Hum176 Final Assignment

Jeff Ice Hum176 Final Assignment - Jeff Ice Hum176 Final...

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Jeff Ice Hum176 Final Assignment Part 1 You are the chief editor of a large metropolitan daily newspaper. One of your reporters is caught fabricating sources and making up facts. How do you handle the situation, from disciplining the reporter to explaining it to your readers? As the chief editor here at the Twin Cities Gazette I have a lot of responsibilities and am always short on time. Don’t get me wrong I love my job; the fast pace, the atmosphere and the opportunity to connect with the cities I love. There is much going on here at the station and on the agenda today is something I have the unfortunate job of dealing with. I have to talk with Bill, who is one of our lead reporters and a go to guy. He has however been making up facts and fabricating sources. This is not tolerable, and as such I must deal with it. I will start by telling him that he is a valuable member of the team and as such we would love to have him continue to work here. There are certain changes that will be made though. First, Bill needs to understand that the public is relying on us to provide accurate and un-bias stories on a daily basis. That is why Bill will be writing a formal apology and a promise to provide honest and accurate information, which will appear in his next column on Monday. We as newsmen and women have a responsibility to be honest and truthful in today’s society. This can prove hard at times being that we live in 2010 with instant access to the news via the web.
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Jeff Ice Hum176 Final Assignment - Jeff Ice Hum176 Final...

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