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Jeff Ice To use definitions, compare and contrast paragraphs or not to use them that is the question. Some may find it difficult to finish an essay or paragraph without using one definition or compare and contrast example. In my final paper, I feel that using definitions and compare and contrast paragraphs will help my reader understand my point of view and topic a little bit better. Having compare and contrast paragraphs can help set the mood of the paragraph and paper for the reader. By using definitions in your paper can help guide your reader into understanding what you are trying to say and help the flow of the paragraph to the topic sentence better. There are also several rules and tips to follow when using definitions and compare and contrast paragraphs. In one of the literature from week four, Is Following the Rules Tripping Up Your Message, it gives you four no rules that every essay should not include. The first non -rule is never end a sentence with a preposition because it would throw off the reader by having your
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