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Jeff Ice Week Six Health Care: United Health Care (UHC) has been an issue here in the United States. I feel that the author did a great job getting his/her point across. There are many points that did persuade me to agree with the fact that UHC is the best way to go. There are a lot of sickness and Cancer in this country that costs families everything that they have. It is unfair for their treatment to be denied by their insurance and for the costs to be so great. I would also say that I would have to disagree that UHC would be the best thing for the United States. I believe that all the elderly would be pushed away because of the thought that they will die soon anyways. This is an unfair matter. The pay of the doctors would be the same and it would be possible that we would have less doctors to take care of our people. I am totally against UHC, but I do feel that the author had some great arguments. All the countries that have a form of UHC have had nothing but complications, and
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