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Jeff Ice com156 week five - Jeff Ice After reviewing the...

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Unformatted text preview: Jeff Ice After reviewing the paper written by Andy , called The Dark Knight, I found a few things that I would have done to revise her paper. Andy’s paper was a review of the movie, thus for it should have contained more information about the movie itself. The review stated more information about the movie Batman Begins than of the movie The Dark Knight. I found her paper to be very confusing and led me to feel that she had no idea of what she was doing. There were many run-on sentences that I found throughout the paper that could have been made into multiple sentences. There are plenty of punctuation errors throughout her paper. I feel that there is no importance of the switch in the actors in both of the films. Andy should have stayed on track with the movie of her choice and not ventured to two movies in one. I find that there is the importance of announcing the actors, but the importance of her paper was to give the input of the film to the reader and not stress her personal opinion of which movie was more successful than...
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