Most Americans Should Not Use Credit Cards week two

Most Americans Should Not Use Credit Cards week two - Most...

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Most Americans Should Not Use Credit Cards When I write my paper, I will give my answer to the question of whether or not American’s should use credit cards. I will claim what whether someone should and should not use a credit cards depend on that individual’s circumstances. With the resources on line and in the University Library, I feel that I will have enough information to write a strong paper against credit cards in the hands of Americans. I think a strong case can be made against credit card us for most American’s. It is my personal opinion that credit card usage ought to be reserved for people who have a high income and who reliably make a lot of money. These people will be able to pay off credit card debts quickly and afford monthly bills. Other people can easily fall into a trap and young people may easily ruin their credit rating and if they try and get too many credit cards without the money to afford their bills. Having credit cards that you only pay a monthly minimum on will never get paid off. It takes up to thirty years to pay off credit cards when
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