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IME final cheat sheets 2

IME final cheat sheets 2 - assembly very difficult...

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Category Range of Luminence (fc) Type of Activity A 2-3-5 Public areas with dark surroundings B 5-7.5-10 Simple orientation for short temporary visits C 10-15-20 Working spaces where visual tasks are performed only occasionally D 20-30-50 Performance of visual tasks of high contrast or large size: rough assembly, reading material E 50-75-100 Performance of visual tasks of medium contrast or small size: reading medium-pen handwriring, medium bench and machine work F 100-150-200 Performance of visual tasks of low contrast or very small size: reading handwriting pencil on poor quality paper, highly difficult inspection G 200-300-500 Performance of visual tasks of low contrast and very small size over a prolonged p
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Unformatted text preview: assembly, very difficult inspection H 500-750-1000 Performance of very prolonged and exacting visual tasks: extra fine assembly, the inspection I 1000-1500-2000 Performance of very small visual tasks of extremely low contrast and small size: s procedures Noise Source Loudness (decibels, db) Residential inside, quiet 42 Household ventilating fan 56 Automobile, 50 feet away 68 “Quiet” factory area 76 18-in lathe 89 Punch press (3 feet away) 103 Nail-making machine (8 feet away) 111 Pneumatic riviter (4 feet away) 128...
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