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Hannah Bauss Psy 254 11/20/09 Film Analysis Paper: Stages of Intimate Relationships To examine the stages of intimate relationships, I studied the movie Pride & Prejudice and looked at the different types of intimate and love relationships this movie portrays. I found that this movie gives many good examples of the different types of love relationships, the different styles of love, and of the Social Exchange Theory of Love. Set in early 19 th century England, is the story of the Bennett family and their daughters’ search for love and marriage. It follows the five Bennett girls, primarily Elizabeth (Lizzie) and her sister Jane, in their adventures and quests for marriage aided by their overbearing mother and occasionally their father. When wealthy Mr. Charles Bingley moves to the county with his sister Caroline and good friend of even greater wealth, Mr. Darcy, it seems as if the Bennett’s prayers are answered – Mr. Bingley falls in love with Jane and everything seems to point to a happy, wealthy marriage. But situations arise which separate the happy couple and turn the families focus to the marriage of Lizzie. While searching for a suitor of her own, Lizzie’s “friendship” with the reserved Mr. Darcy continues to develop through chance encounters; although neither would call it a friendship. Lizzie is also surrounded by her friends and younger sisters’ attempts to enter into a successful marriage. Eventually through many trials, mistakes, and poor choices, Jane and Mr. Bingley are reunited and fall in love all over again while Lizzie and Mr. Darcy realize that they have a deep and passionate love for each other. The intimate relationships portrayed throughout this movie are excellent examples of the different
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types of love relationships as well as good examples of love styles and the Social Exchange Theory. In there are many different forms of intimate relationships. Lizzie’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bennett are an example of what may have been consummate love years earlier but has evolved into a companionate love. I believe that Mr. and Mrs. Bennett had a consummate love in the earlier years of their marriage because they successfully raised five children on a lower income budget. They aren’t poor but they are by no means wealthy which could’ve easily taken a toll on a marriage when five daughters needed to be provided for. I also think that they had a consummate love in the beginning because Mrs. Bennett has a very forceful, curious and overbearing nature that could be hard to deal with but Mr. Bennett not only is able to cope with it, but he also finds it endearing in some ways, which is evident when he makes teasing but smiling comments to her about her “nerves.” I believe that their relationship has morphed into one of companionate love because it appears that the commitment and intimacy are still strong but a lot of the passion may have disappeared from the marriage. But I
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psy 254 film analysis paper - Hannah Bauss Psy 254 Film...

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