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psy 254 reflection paper 2 - Hannah Bauss Psy 254...

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Hannah Bauss Psy 254 10/19/09 Reflection Paper 2 The Circumplex Model, or Couple and Family Map, is a stable and reliable model for measuring the functioning of a family. It has some great strengths in the amount of categories and classifications it provides when examining a families’ cohesion and flexibility levels. The Circumplex Model also provides a good tool to observe and measure communication among family members. The model does, however, have weaknesses that are caused by the same categories and classifications that make it a strong model. The Circumplex Model has two major categories: cohesion and flexibility or adaptability. Each category has several factors that are taken into account to determine a family’s level of cohesion and flexibility. Each category then has four different possible levels that a family can be categorized under. For cohesion, a family can either be classified as disengaged, connected, cohesive, or engaged. For flexibility/adaptation, families are rigid, structured, flexible, or chaotic. The Couple and Family Map lays out
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psy 254 reflection paper 2 - Hannah Bauss Psy 254...

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