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psy 323 paper 1 - Hannah Bauss Psy 323 Session 1 Paper The...

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Hannah Bauss Psy 323 10/26/09 Session 1 Paper The Context of the Helping Relationship : For these three sessions, I will be working with twenty-one-year-old, Alison. Alison is a fourth year student here at Cal Poly and plays on the Cal Poly volleyball team. She volunteered to be a helpee in her Psych 456 class for extra credit from her professor. I contacted her by calling her cell phone number that she provided. When I first called her, she did not answer so I left her a message with some basic information about who I was and why I was calling and left her a number to call me back at. She returned my phone call a few hours later, where she confirmed that she would still be willing and able to be my helpee. We then proceeded to talk more about specifics for being a helpee and we set a time and place to meet: Sunday and 10am at the library. We had to wait until Sunday morning to meet because she was travelling with the volleyball team from Thursday afternoon till Saturday evening. Over the phone she seemed to be a very friendly person and extremely willing to help out and make things work with my schedule so I was fairly confident before our meeting that it wouldn’t be difficult to establish rapport and trust with her. Once we met on Sunday, I could see that I was right in my thoughts that Alison would be an easy person to establish a positive relationship with. We chit-chatted for a few minutes about fairly inconsequential things to loosen the mood before getting started which immediately helped us both relax before getting down to business. The Helpee’s Concern : Alison started off our session by talking about her issues beginning as well as maintaining relationships with guys. She first described to me how boys will initiate
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contact with her but then after a few weeks will end it by saying that Alison is more invested in their “relationship” and that they can’t be with her. This is a source of frustration for her because, as she mentioned several times, the termination of their “relationship” came “out of the blue,” so she didn’t see it coming nor does she understand the reason why the guys choose to end things in the first place because, according to her, she is the one less invested in the relationship and the boys are the ones pursuing her. Because she so repeatedly said that the ending of these relationships comes out of nowhere, part of me was inclined to believe that this was the truth and she really is truly baffled as to why guys abruptly break off things with her. Another part of me was skeptical if what she was really saying was true because she kept repeating it – it seemed a
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psy 323 paper 1 - Hannah Bauss Psy 323 Session 1 Paper The...

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