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psy 323 paper 2 - Hannah Bauss Psy 323 Session 2 Paper The...

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Hannah Bauss Psy 323 11/16/09 Session 2 Paper The Process of Helping : My second session with my helpee, Alison was a bit of an interesting one. We arranged to have our second session on a late Sunday morning and were about thirty minutes into the session when I realized that instead of recording, the tape was just playing which meant that nothing that we had talked about was recorded. So we stopped the session and agreed to meet the next night (Monday) to redo the session. We did not start over again right then and there for two reasons: first of all, Alison needed to be somewhere in about an hour so we wouldn’t have had time and secondly, I felt that even if we had had time to redo it right then it wouldn’t have been a good, genuine session because we would’ve been trying to repeat what was said the first time around. I was extremely frustrated with myself for not noticing that only the “play” button was pushed instead of the “record” button because Alison and I had uncovered some really key points in that first attempt of the second session. But once I got home and cleared my head I sat down and took notes on the key issues/points Alison and I had discussed that morning. I hoped that by giving myself a list of some key things I wanted to go more in depth about with Alison, we could salvage the best parts of our first attempt and go even deeper into things than we had the first try. But I was still really nervous that in our redo we would try to duplicate the previous days attempt too much and it would sound ingenuine. In the end, my fears were unfounded. Our second successful attempt of our second session went better than I could’ve thought. The outline of key points that I had created helped me focus on the things that were crucial for us to discuss; which overall, lent more focus and
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organization to our whole session. I felt more prepared and that my probes and questions were a lot better and more directed than they had been the previous day. At the end of it while we were packing up Alison even commented to me that “it wasn’t as bad as we expected” and that she
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psy 323 paper 2 - Hannah Bauss Psy 323 Session 2 Paper The...

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