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psy 323 paper 3 - Hannah Bauss Psy 323 12/2/09 Session 3...

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Hannah Bauss Psy 323 12/2/09 Session 3 Paper The Process of Helping : My third session with my helpee, Alison, went fairly well overall. We had our session on the Monday evening of dead week at the library. We started out reviewing the work we had done in our last session with pros and cons of each possible scenario for her and her ex (Joe): a committed relationship (all), no contact at all (nothing), or maintaining the relationship that they have now. Last session Alison had decided that between nothing and maintaining their current relationship, nothing would be the best choice and I wanted to check to see if she still felt that that was the best path before continuing; which she did. We then moved on to discussing the issues that she believes are stopping her from telling Joe how she feels about him, which were the primary topics that we talked about for a majority of the session. When I met with Dr. Breaux for my evaluation she suggested challenging Alison about the factors that she felt were stopping her from telling her ex how she felt. Dr. Breaux suggested that her fear of him not feeling the same was the main issue and that the other points were mute if that fear was resolved. Dr. Breaux suggested that I challenge Alison to examine this fear and discuss whether it is based on an illusion of what she wants to happen with him or not. Because if she found out that he didn’t want her the way she wants him, then her illusion would be shattered and all she would be left with is the harsh reality that he doesn’t reciprocate her feelings for him. I challenged Alison on this very gently trying to gauge her reaction while I was asking her to think about it. She seemed very receptive to it and I felt that it really opened her eyes more and helped her better understand this fear. She didn’t comment too much on it or
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have much to add however, so I backed off a little bit and switched gears and direction with the session because I sensed that her silence was the beginning of her defenses start to go up. I then moved our discussion in a different direction to put Alison back at ease again so I asked her to tell me what traits of her ex that she liked so much and why they benefit her. That definitely helped Alison feel more at ease again and she opened right back up to me so I knew we had avoided a potential disaster. But after she described to me the great traits about him that she likes, I had Alison tell me how those traits benefited her and why it was important for her to have Joe in her life. I then asked her to think about and tell me whether she felt that the pain and confusion she has felt and probably will still feel is worth it. She seemed very conflicted about this because she told me that “she wanted to say no, it isn’t but it is so hard for her to just kick him out of her life completely.” After that we talked a little bit more about what is keeping her stuck in her current situation and her conflict of interests about it. It was easy for me to see – as
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psy 323 paper 3 - Hannah Bauss Psy 323 12/2/09 Session 3...

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