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psy 323 egan's model hw

psy 323 egan's model hw - Hannah Bauss Psy 323 Egans Model...

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Hannah Bauss Psy 323 9/30/09 Egan’s Model Stage 1: The Current Picture Task 1: Help clients tell their story. o Jane Doe has trouble managing her stress. o She is taking challenging classes that require a lot of extra work outside the class room. o She is also trying to get into graduate school for Occupational Therapy. o She has to spend 100 hours as a volunteer with an Occupational Therapist as a prerequisite for grad school. o Suffers from headaches that have been attributed to her stress and tension levels by Dr. Harris at the Cal Poly Health Center. Task 2: Help clients develop new perspectives that help them reframe their stories. o According the doctor, Dr. Harris, who worked with her in the health center: o Jane tries to multi-task by eating while completing homework, which does not allow her to take a break or complete her homework as well as she could. o She does not have a set schedule for her days which adds to her stress levels. A daily schedule would greatly help lower her stress levels.
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