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psy 370 multicultural reflection

psy 370 multicultural reflection - Hannah Bauss PSY 370...

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Hannah Bauss PSY 370 2/14/11 Multicultural Reflection For this assignment, I talked with my friend, KB. We’ve been friends for the past three years or so and while I love hanging out with him and think he has a great sense of humor, he has the tendency to make jokes against different ethnic groups, including his own, that kind of irk me. So I decided to talk to him for this assignment and bring up racism and ask him his opinion on racism, if he thought it was okay, and why he made jokes about it. I opened the conversation explaining that we had talked about several different facets of multiculturalism in class, commented to him that I notice that he has a tendency to make racial jokes and proceeded to ask him why he thought it was okay to do so. KB told me that he believes that it is okay to make racial jokes because they are not intended to hurt; they are simply a joke to make people laugh. I responded by asking what if someone was hurt or offended by the joke, regardless of his intent. KB replied saying that if someone were to become upset by his comment, that he would apologize to them and then avoid saying similar jokes in front of them. When he said this I was slightly shocked that his reaction wouldn’t be to immediately apologize and refrain from making those comments to anyone anymore.
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