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psy 370 personal orientation paper

psy 370 personal orientation paper - Hannah Bauss PSY 370...

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Hannah Bauss PSY 370 2/16/11 Personal Orientation Paper I have several beliefs about people and have examined and refined them through this paper. Firstly, I believe that behavior is learned. Some things, like reflexes are innate for humans but behavior, personality, etc. is learned in the environment. Parents and community members exhibit and model behaviors for children to learn – some are intentional and others are accidental. For example, a parent may model proper hygiene skills and polite behavior when talking to other people while raising his/her child. His/her child will attempt to mimic these behaviors and learn that they are appropriate based off of others’ responses to them. However, a parent may also model behaviors for their children that are not healthy or appropriate. An instance of this would be when a parent tells his/her child not to ask questions about why a person looks, talks, or acts different from everyone else. While the parent is most likely trying to teach their child that it is rude to point and loudly ask why someone looks different, the message and behavior the child learns may be much different. The child may perceive that her parent is telling her not to notice differences among people and that said differences are not acceptable. A parent could inadvertently be teaching his child that diversity between people is not acceptable; altering the child’s future perceptions and behaviors towards people who she perceives as “different” from herself. I also believe that everyone is capable of change. I think that every person has the ability to alter their (perceived) negative behaviors, although it would not be an easy road by any means. Changing behaviors or cognitions requires a great deal of focus and commitment from someone in addition to support and encouragement from family and community members. For a person to modify his/her behavior s/he must also have very strong intrinsic motivation to do so; he has to
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want to better himself. But it is not just about internal motivations, for a person to successfully
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psy 370 personal orientation paper - Hannah Bauss PSY 370...

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