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Psy 413 Final Study Guide Chapter 10 1. How must parenting styles be revised in adolescence? a. Adaptations in child rearing strategies, methods and interaction styles. b. Parents must shift to accommodate needs by altering parenting to become more authoritative, less authoritarian and, eventually, more permissive in nature 2. *read providing structure and nurturance for adolescence* pg 226-228. Study guide doesn’t specify what to know 3. *review table 10-1* pg 227 4. -Suicide ranks #2 in causes of death for teens. -Issues that may be related include: depression, hopeless living situations, substance abuse. -females and whites are more likely to attempt but no ethnic group in spared this phenomenon 5. individuation is parent of the identity formation that is central to adolescent development -involves becoming a true individual by developing a personal belief system to guide decisions and behaviors, acquiring financial independence, and assuming emotional self care. Process requires questioning and challenging and may account for some of the tension experienced between parents and adolescence 6. sexual orientation and identity: -How is it determined? No clear, definitive explanation. Foundations for a persons sexual orientation are influenced by genetic and biological factors interacting with environmental factors - When is it established? During adolescence many individuals discover their sexual orientation -How do gay and lesbian adolescent react to their homosexuality? Many try to hide it which leads to unhealthy and negative outcomes. Some deny it. 7. Prolonged dependencies between parents and young adults: - Consequences: the adult child fails to individuate successfully from the family system, largely because dependency prolongs and even thwarts the normal individuation process. - How do parents and adult children prolong dependency? -over-involvement in child’s life - giving child too many material possessions - overparenting or prolonged investment in the aspects of parenting that promote children’s dependencies 8. What can be done to normalize Parent-Adult child Relations? - parents can stop playing the role of a caretaker parent in enabling an adult child’s lack of developmental progress - making a more equalitarian stance in relating to adult children - set deadlines for developmental tasks such as finding a job and moving into a different living situation 9. Caring for aging parents: -What observations have researchers made? - because more generations of families live longer than before, fam relationships are more numerous and complex -consequence of increased life expectancy = ppl live longer with more serious
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health problems * Ethnic minority families provide more care for elderly parents than white families * Majority of adult children caregivers are women * Most adult child caregivers are middle-aged, married parents themselves and working full time Caring includes a range of activities: making phone calls, assisting with personal hygiene,
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Psy 413 Final Study Guide - Psy 413 Final Study Guide...

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