psy 457 Exam 2 Review Questions

psy 457 Exam 2 Review Questions - Exam 2 Review Questions...

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Exam 2 Review Questions 1. Broadbent’s Early Selection Theory/filter states that people move their attention from object to object based on physical-level characteristics; things that are NOT pattern recognized (i.e. size, color, location). In his Dichotic Listening Task , people receive 2 conversations, one in each ear and are told to shadow/focus on one of them. They are then told to state what they heard. Is a very difficult task. Then asked what they heard in the non-attended channel – people will notice physical level changes (i.e. new voice, volume, or location of sound) but don’t know what was said. This is relevant to early selection because people are only capable of giving their attention to one object at a time and their attention only shifts to the unattended channel when there is a change in the physical characteristics. 2. Attenuation Theory – people don’t completely shut off all channels. Some attention is still given to the unattended channels. People have enduring dispositions; certain words are so important to you so you are always on the lookout for them (i.e. your name, curse words, racial slurs). Was proposed by Anne Treisman because people were finding flaws in the Early Selection Theory. This theory is a watered down version that can better account for some of these issues. 3. Late Selection Model states that the bottleneck effect occurs when information is selected for memory rather than selection before pattern recognition. In Mackey’s study (1973) people heard “The men searched the room for bugs” in one ear and in the other they heard either “Is where fire near a…………. .ant” or “Is where fire near a ……………spy.” Afterwards they were asked to write a story about what they heard. The word that they heard determined how they interpreted the word “bugs” and the story they developed. In
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psy 457 Exam 2 Review Questions - Exam 2 Review Questions...

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