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psy 459 case study paper - Case Study: Miranda Priestly...

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Case Study: Miranda Priestly Section I This case study is done on a character from the movie The Devil Wears Prada , Miranda Priestly. Miranda is the Editor-in-Chief of the fashion magazine, Runway , in the United States. According to the biography offered about the character, she was born in London of October 1949 as Miriam Princhek. Her Orthodox Jewish family tended to struggle for money, which lead Miranda to get a job at a young age working as an assistant to a British designer. That assistant’s job was her platform to being made junior editor of the magazine Chic in Paris at 24 years old. She changed her name to Miranda Priestly around the same time. From Chic magazine, she went to work for ten years at French Runway . Miranda then relocated to the United States to take over as editor-in-chief of American Runway in New York City. At the time during which the movie takes place, Miranda is approximately 57 years old with two daughters – twins – who are around the age of ten or twelve. Miranda lives in a townhouse in New York City with her two daughters and her husband. Her husband, however, is not her first. Miranda has been divorced and remarried several times but the exact number is never specified. All that is known is that her current husband is not the biological father of her daughters and that her twins have known many father figures in their short lives. The exact causes of these divorces or who initiated them are not explicitly revealed. But one can hazard a guess – based on the final divorce which takes place in the movie – that the husbands were the ones to initiate the divorce. It is also plausible to guess that they wanted to divorce Miranda because she “is married to her work” and has to cancel evening plans many times. I would also postulate that Miranda’s cold, harsh, and demanding demeanor also put a strain on her relationships with her husbands. But it is unknown for sure. Miranda is an extremely powerful woman in the fashion industry. She has been the Editor-in-Chief of American Runway for over 30 years, in addition to the 10 years that she
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worked for French Runway . This resumé makes her an extremely dominant force in the fashion world – even designers who are prominent in their own rights cater to Miranda’s wishes and preferences. Miranda’s renown in the fashion industry combined with her demanding demeanor have caused her to be feared by everyone who works with her or for her, which, in turn, causes them to cater to her every wish to avoid her wrath. It is important to note this because the fact that she is catered to and unchallenged in decisions has a huge impact on Miranda’s personality and her behavior towards others. Miranda is also incredibly deceitful and vindictive.
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psy 459 case study paper - Case Study: Miranda Priestly...

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