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psy 459 final - Hannah Bauss PSY 459 12/8/10 Take Home...

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Hannah Bauss PSY 459 12/8/10 Take Home Final Part II Table 1 presented based off of data from the World Health Organization’s database in February of 2004. It compares the number and rate of suicides of 15-19 year olds in 25 countries. The country with the highest total suicide rate is Lithuania, with 23.9% overall suicide rate for 15-19 year olds. The second highest overall rate is the Russian Federation at 23.6%. This is interesting because while Lithuania has the highest overall rate, they do not have the largest total number of suicides. When examining the total number of suicides in countries, the Russian Federation has the most with 2,883 deaths. Coming in second in terms of total deaths is the United States with 1,616 15-19 year olds committing suicide. This is surprising because one would expect that the country with the highest overall suicide rate would also have the largest number of deaths. This is not the case based off of this information and is most likely due to differences in population. Nations like the United States and Russia have large populations whereas other nations like Lithuania and Kazakhstan have smaller populations. Based purely on population size, when the number of people who commit suicide is compared to the total population of the nation, the ratio is obviously going to be larger when there are less overall people, like in Lithuania. In larger nations, the total population is so large that the amount of people who commit suicide appears smaller because it is compared to a greater total. Several of the countries with higher suicide rates are also in a more northern part of the hemisphere, meaning that during the winter, the sun sets earlier, so there is less sun exposure. If citizens of these nations suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which is a type of depression that
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results from the change in seasons and not receiving enough sunlight during the winter months, this could also be a factor in higher suicide rates for these countries. One explanation for these suicide rates can be provided by Freud’s psychoanalytic theory. In the dynamic approach to psychoanalysis, energy and the laws of energy use are emphasized. Psychoanalysists would say that because energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed into another type of energy, the depressed and anxious energy depressed teenagers feel is transformed into energy towards planning, executing, and completing suicide. This is not to say that all teenagers in these countries who have depressed energy become suicidal. Some depressed teenagers turn that energy towards suicide but others transform their negative energy into a more positive one geared towards getting help and reducing their anxiety and depression. Freud would also say that people who attempt or commit suicide operate mainly on the
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psy 459 final - Hannah Bauss PSY 459 12/8/10 Take Home...

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