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psy 460 intervention critique - Hannah Bauss Psy 460 6/4/10...

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Hannah Bauss Psy 460 6/4/10 Intervention Critique: Safe Child Program I. Description The Safe Child Program (SCP) is a comprehensive intervention program that focuses on preventing physical, sexual, and psychological/emotional abuse of children. Safe Child Program has been evaluated for almost ten years; the results indicate that the program is proven to reduce the risk of abuse to children and enhances their personal safety and competence, validating the effectiveness of this intervention. According to , the Safe Child Program concept is: “Children are the last line of defense.” It is important to them that prevention education be accomplished without diminishing the child’s sense of well-being and trust in their everyday live. This intervention focuses on educating children how to protect themselves from sexual, physical, and emotional abuse done by either people that they know or by strangers. This way, children are fully prepared to protect themselves in any possible situation they may face. Safe Child Program is extremely effective because it is a non-explicit, non-threatening, and positive program that teaches children skills to reduce their vulnerability to abuse. The intervention is implemented in preschool and continues through third grade. It is key that the program is non-explicit and non-threatening because it doesn’t provide children with details, like the fact that the abuse may be performed by one of their loved ones which could make them uneasy and distrustful unnecessarily. It also does not make them feel like they are in danger of being abused constantly by strangers or family members – it simply provides them with the knowledge and tools to know what to do if they find themselves in an uncomfortable situation. SCP also raises the self-esteem of children and improves their self-reliance. This intervention is
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also highly successful because it is multi-racial and multi-cultural so that it can account for cultural differences in behavior and how to interpret it. Safe Child Program incorporates all of the components that are essential for all effective, comprehensive child abuse and neglect preventions. These include: teacher training to ensure consistent presentation of the program in all classrooms; parental education to enhance understanding and reinforce program goals; videotapes to make sure the concepts are introduced accurately to children; classroom role playing to develop individual mastery of the safety skills; multi-racial, multi-lingual, and multi-cultural parent and child materials; a positive, non-explicit approach to respect the needs of children and their families; multi-session instruction, consisting of five to ten sessions a year; well-scripted classroom role-playing to develop a mastery of the safety skills; and on-going evaluation and updating of the program to ensure that it prepares children in the best possible way. It is extremely necessary that children practice the abuse
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psy 460 intervention critique - Hannah Bauss Psy 460 6/4/10...

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