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psy 462 chapter 1 - Hannah Bauss PSY 461 Chapter 1...

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Hannah Bauss PSY 461 Chapter 1: Introduction All people experience feelings of sadness, anger, frustration, and other negative emotions. Many develop proper coping mechanisms for these feelings, but there are some who experience difficulty doing so. I believe that one healthy coping mechanism is exercise. It can provide a fun, healthy, and effective outlet for the release of negative emotions. However, I do not think that children who struggle to properly release these emotions know how to successfully do so in a way that it not destructive to themselves or others. It was my goal with my senior project to introduce all children, not just those who do not have efficient coping mechanisms, to an option for releasing the negative feelings. I chose to study the effects of exercise, particularly dance and dance/movement therapy, and to carry it out through a two-day miniature dance workshop, taught by myself. I chose this topic based off of my observations at the agency where I have spent the past nine months interning, Family Care Network, Inc. (FCNI). During my time with this agency, I have worked with many different children and families receiving different services.
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psy 462 chapter 1 - Hannah Bauss PSY 461 Chapter 1...

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