psy 462 chapter 3

psy 462 chapter 3 - Hannah Bauss PSY 462 Chapter 3 Methods...

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Hannah Bauss PSY 462 4/13/11 Chapter 3: Methods For my project, I decided to organize a weekend dance workshop for children. I am not a dance/movement therapist so I cannot organize a session of dance/movement therapy so I arranged for something similar. I decided that I would teach a miniature dance workshop comprised of two dance classes for two hours per day for two days. I felt that it would be best to hold my event in the late morning or early afternoon during a weekend. I decided on these days and times because children are freshest and in a much better mood to focus and learn earlier in the day than later – they have not yet worn themselves out with the day’s activities. I also decided that a weekend – Saturday and Sunday – would also be best for parents of children interested in taking these classes. Often times, parents’ work schedules conflict with extracurricular activities, making them harder to participate in for children. Because a majority of parents have weekends off, I thought that scheduling my event on a Saturday and Sunday gave children the best opportunity possible to participate in the classes. I first had to look for local studios in San Luis Obispo County. I then had to visit each studio’s website to determine if they were open on weekends. I also had to check their class schedules to see if they had any available studio space that I would be able to rent out for a few hours over the weekend. I also wanted the studio I chose to be fairly close to San Luis Obispo – I did not want parents to have to struggle to get their children to the workshop if it was farther away, like in Paso Robles or Nipomo. I therefore narrowed my search mainly to San Luis Obispo and Arroyo Grande, which is only a twenty minute drive from San Luis Obispo. After
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psy 462 chapter 3 - Hannah Bauss PSY 462 Chapter 3 Methods...

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