psy 462 chapter 4 and 5 draft 2

psy 462 chapter 4 and 5 draft 2 - CHAPTER 4 Discussion...

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CHAPTER 4 Discussion Overall, my service project was very successful. The small number of participants did not harm the effectiveness of the event, it strengthened it. I was able to work more closely with my participants and give them more attention and direction during the classes. I believe that there are several qualities that are necessary for a dance program to be helpful and appropriate for young children and I attempted to incorporate many of them into my classes. Dance programs need to be challenging enough that they push students to improve, but not so much that they feel discouraged if they are unable to keep up with the expectations that are set. They need to be difficult enough so that the program is not too simple and not too hard – it needs to be at a delicate level where the child can feel empowered and increase his/her confidence when she achieves a difficult goal. This also helps teach students positive ways to build skills that will help them reach goals; whether they are dance related or not. Good dance programs also encourage the students to grow creatively. While the choreography might be structured, the students are taught to put their personal interpretations on the movements and emotions behind them. Often time dancers are asked to portray certain emotions in dances. This can assist in learning emotional recognition and how the emotions can be expressed in a way that is positive, fun and empowering. One of the most important qualities of a good dance program is being able to build the confidence and self-esteem of the dancers. Feeling capable of remembering a routine or successfully performing a step is hugely empowering for all dancers and can greatly improve their sense of mastery and capability, building their confidence and self-esteem about themselves and their abilities.
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I chose to create my service project in the form of a dance class because I wanted to introduce children to this type of program. I felt that my project would give them the opportunity to experience a dance class free of pressure because they could try it out for fun. There was no cost for participants, so there was no financial factor compelling them to complete the class or continue on for several more weeks if they decided they did not like it. This relaxed, stress-free opportunity allowed the children a chance to try out dancing if they were curious about it and to see if it was something they enjoyed and wanted to continue on a more permanent basis. This project was also a structured opportunity for me to observe any positive effects of exercise and dance on mood.
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psy 462 chapter 4 and 5 draft 2 - CHAPTER 4 Discussion...

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