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psy 462 chapter 5 - CHAPTER 5 Conclusion Overall, I think...

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CHAPTER 5 Conclusion Overall, I think that my service project was very successful. Although I did not have many children and adolescents sign up or attend, I don’t believe that had any bearing on the effectiveness of my event. If anything, it strengthened it because I was able to devote more attention to each student who did attend during the dance classes. I believe that my project achieved the goals of dance/movement therapy and that it was consistent with the research findings regarding dance/movement therapy’s, and exercise in general’s, results. Dance/movement therapy has been found to be beneficial in helping children express and identify emotions. And exercise has been found to improve mood and self-esteem in people of all ages. Based off of my observations during my service project, I achieved these results. Both participants appeared to be in much more positive moods when they left after each class, which I noted by smiles and high levels of energy and enthusiasm. It was much harder for me to determine if the participants were able to express their emotions through the dancing we did in class because it was a structured dance class rather than a therapy session. Through this assignment, I have learned that I have a great passion for helping children
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psy 462 chapter 5 - CHAPTER 5 Conclusion Overall, I think...

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