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psy 405 project overview of SAD

psy 405 project overview of SAD - suffer from...

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Seasonal Affective Disorder is defined as a pattern of major depressive episodes that occur and remit with changes in the seasons. The DSM-IV-TR describes Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) not as a separate mood disorder, but rather as a “specifier” for other major depressive and bipolar disorders. SADs specific symptoms that can differentiate between other depressive disorders are its seasonal patterns of major depressive episodes (Saeed & Bruce, 1998). According to Norman Rosenthal, the DSM-IV describes Seasonal Affective Disorder as a “specifier” for recurrent forms of mood disorders (Rosenthal, 2009). It has also been found that SAD increases in prevalence with increasing distance from the equator. These results have been found in both the north and south hemispheres (Rosenthal, 2009) Sullivan and Payne conducted biological studies on patients with SAD which showed that there is an impaired ocular processing of light for people who
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Unformatted text preview: suffer from SAD (Sullivan & Payne, 2007). These people also experience seasonal changes in melatonin secretion that is not seen in healthy subjects (Sullivan & Payne, 2007). It is also noted that more women suffer from SAD than men (Rosenthal, 2009). There are two main seasonal/depressive patterns for Seasonal Affective Disorder. The first is the fall-onset type, or “winter depression” and the second type is the spring-onset type, or “summer depression” (Saaed & Bruce, 1998). Rosenthal, N.E. Issues for DSM-V: Seasonal Affective Disorder and Seasonality. Am J Psychiatry 2009; 166, 852-853. Saeed, S.A., Bruce, T.J. Seasonal Affective Disorders. American Family Physician 1998; 1340-1351. Sullivan, B., Payne, T.W. Affective disorders and cognitive failures: a comparison of seasonal and non seasonal depression. Am J Psychiatry 2007; 164, 1663-1667....
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psy 405 project overview of SAD - suffer from...

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