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In “21 Up in America” I noticed that most of the adolescents continued to maintain their same beliefs and values as they did when they were seven and fourteen. At 21, Luis continued to be an extremely gentle and caring man like he was when he was younger despite his torn family, his mother’s drug addiction and other familial and environmental hardships he faced in New York and Milwaukee. It was really interesting for me to see the three girls Lucy, Kate, and Alexis develop. Of the three, Lucy is the only one who seemed to love and feel at home with her life in upstate New York over time. Kate and Alexis really seemed to struggle though with the lives they were leading as well-off adolescents in Upstate New York. If fact, Kate moved out of her apartment and left her private school at 14, and by 21 she was still unsatisfied with her life and made a drastic change and moved down to New Orleans to help out with Hurricane Katrina aid.
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