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danc 231 performance critique - Hannah Bauss Danc 231...

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Hannah Bauss Danc 231 11/30/09 Performance Critique For my performance critique, I went to a performance by Complexions Contemporary Ballet Company here at Cal Poly SLO on the twenty-third of October. The performance consisted of three pieces that ranged from twenty minutes to forty-five minutes with fifteen intermissions between each piece. Overall, I was impressed with the show as a whole (choreography, costumes, lighting, music, etc.). The first piece they performed, called Mercy , was the world premiere of the piece, which I think affected the presentation of the piece. Although I was really impressed with the choreography, lighting, and music the presentation was a bit disappointing. There were many different points in the piece where someone would be out of sync with the rest of the group or would entirely forget a movement and move onto the next. This shocked me because they are such an amazing and professional company that I assumed that all of their pieces would be flawless and totally together and in sync. I also noted that the sections with the whole company were much cleaner and together than sections with only a few dancers. From that I assumed that they spent much more time perfecting the group sections than the smaller sections. Also, at one point the music for this piece skipped or something that caused the wrong music to play for about thirty seconds before it was fixed.
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danc 231 performance critique - Hannah Bauss Danc 231...

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