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Problem Set 4 - 0.1542 wavelength, determine (a) the...

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MECH 210 – Materials Science and Engineering Problem Set 04, Fall Semester 2008 Due Friday (10/3) 1. Determine the four-index Miller-Bravais indices for (a) directions A and C, and (b) the plane ABCD . 2. Compute the linear density of atoms for the [110] of (a) the BCC chromium and (b) the FCC lead. 3. Which has a higher planar density of atoms for plane ( 1 1 1), BCC chromium or FCC lead? 4. Compute the interplanar distance between adjacent ( 1 2 1 ) planes in FCC platinum. 5. Given the x-ray diffraction pattern for a pure powered metal sample using monochromatic x-rays of
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Unformatted text preview: 0.1542 wavelength, determine (a) the crystal structure, (b) the atomic constant a , (c) the atomic radius, and (d) identify the metal. 6. Calculate the fraction of atomic sites that are vacant for copper at a temperature 100 C below its melting temperature. Assume an energy for vacancy formation of 0.90 eV/atom. 7. What is the composition in (a) weight percent and (b) atom percent of a stainless steel that contains 19.75 kg of iron, 4.00 kg of chromium, 0.75 kg of nickel, and 0.5 kg of molybdenum?...
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