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Problem Set 6

Problem Set 6 - MECH 210 Materials Science and Engineering...

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MECH 210 – Materials Science and Engineering Problem Set 06, Fall Semester 2008 Due Friday (10/24) 1. One slip system for the BCC crystal structure is {110} 111 . In a manner similar to Figure 7.6b, sketch the (110) slip plane and indicate two different 111 slip directions within this plane for the BCC structure. 2. Using the expression similar to that for cubic systems, formulate an expression and calculate the magnitude of the Burgers vector for manganese. The crystal structure for manganese is simple cubic with an atomic radius of 0.112 nm. 3. An FCC single crystal is oriented with its [120] parallel to the loading axis. For the loading direction, (111) [0 1 1] is a possible slip system. Calculate the Schmid factor (cos φ cos λ ) for the system. 4. Consider a single crystal of nickel oriented such that a tensile stress is applied along a [0 0 1]. If slip occurs on a (1 1 1) plane in a [ 1 0 1] direction, and is initiated at an applied tensile stress of 13.9 MPa, compute the critical resolved shear stress. 5.
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