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MECH 210 – Materials Science and Engineering Problem Set 07, Fall Semester 2008 Due Friday (10/31) 1. Consider the sugar-water phase diagram of Figure 9.1. (a) How much sugar will dissolve in 1000 g of water at 100 ° C? (b) If the saturated liquid solution in part (a) is cooled to 20 ° C, will some of the sugar precipitate out as a solid? Why? If so, what is the mass of the solid sugar will come out of the solution? 2. Cite the phase(s) that are present, the composition of each phase, and calculate the weight fraction of each phase for the following alloys: (a) 1.25 kg Sn and 14 kg Pb at 20 ° C (b) 4.2 mol Cu and 1.1 mol Ag at 900 ° C 3. A magnesium-lead alloy of mass 7.5 kg consists of a solid α phase that has a composition just slightly below the solubility limit at 300 ° C. (a) What mass of lead is in the alloy? (b) If the alloy is heated to 400 ° C, how much more lead may be dissolved in the α phase without exceeding the solubility limit of this phase? 4.
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