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MECH 210 – Materials Science and Engineering Problem Set 08, Fall Semester 2008 Due Monday (11/10) 1. Determine the Avrami equation for the eutectoid transformation of a steel at 675 ° C as shown in Figure 10.12. 2. An eutectoid steel is cooled from 760 ° C to 650 ° C in less than 0.5 s and held at this temperature. (a) How long will it take for the austenite –to-pearlite reaction to go to 50% completion? To 100% completion? (b) Estimate the Brinell hardness, the tensile strength, and the ductility of the steel that has completely transformed to pearlite. 3. Using the isothermal transformation diagram (T-T-T diagram) for an iron-carbon alloy of eutectoid composition (Figure 10.22), specify the nature of the final microstructure (in terms of microconstituents present and approximate percentage of each) of a small specimen that has been subjected to the following time-temperature treatments. In each case the specimen has been initially transformed to austenite at 760 ° C. (a)
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