CIVL 311 Vocabulary

CIVL 311 Vocabulary - Non-Homogeneous Isotropic Anisotropic...

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CIVL 311 Vocabulary Statics (and Static Equilibrium) Kinematics (and Kinetics) Yield Point Proportional Limit The “S” Words: S trength S tability (and S tiffness) S erviceability $ Ductile Brittle Elastic Plastic Elasto-Plastic Linear Non-Linear Linear-Elastic Inelastic Homogeneous
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Unformatted text preview: Non-Homogeneous Isotropic Anisotropic Prismatic Non-Prismatic Statically Determinate Statically Indeterminate Centric Eccentric Uniform Non-Uniform Truss Terminology plane truss parallel chords non-parallel chords diagonal vertical bottom chord top chord...
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